Terry Pratchett

I was 12 the first time I picked up a Discworld book. Equal Rites, the hardback with the wonderful Josh Kirby cover.

I read it in several days – I was young and had to go to school and do other things that prevented me from finishing it in one or even two goes. Reading it was like a lightbulb going off in my head, I can still remember sitting in the kitchen with my mother as I finished the final page, then turning to her and saying: “I loved this, I wish he would write more books!”

Moments later my mother took the book, flipped to the front papers of the book and pointed out that there were two other Discworld books.

That was the single happiest moment of my reading life to that point.

His books brought me great joy over the years, and one moment of paranoia when I thought the series was coming to an end – it was Pyramids the Book of Going Forth and I convinced myself that he was going to end it with that one, no idea why (it had something to do with the subtitle). His books got me through some tough times as a teenager, they made me laugh and cheered me up during some miserable times.

There are still a handful of his books that I have yet read but I am saddened that his tales are now done.

I met him twice but never knew him as a person. I will miss him.

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