Night School: Fracture by C.J. Daughtery

Cimmeria has been more than a school for Allie, it’s been a safe haven. But no longer.

A nefarious group – one that is tied up with Allie’s family in ways she could barely imagine – is trying to destroy everything Cimmeria stands for.

Even worse, it’s clear that somebody they eat with, sleep with, train with, is betraying them. There’s a spy in Night School. As the paranoia grows and the fights begin, it’s not an attack from outside they need to worry about…
Fracture is the third novel in the Night School series and like the books that came before it does not disappoint! In this novel (some) questions are answered, loyalties are challenged and after the final page is turned nothing will be the same again!

Ok enough hyperbole and on with the review!

Fracture is good! No it is better than that – I read it in four sessions (it would have been quicker over the summer but my copy arrived when I was in South Africa and languished unread until I returned). The story charts Allie coming to terms with her losses and fills in knowledge gaps about Orion, the Night School and why Nathaniel hates the organisation with such passion. Learning these secrets makes Allie and the reader realise how high the stakes actually are and makes the story that much more gripping.

Allie’s anger and pain at the death of Jo are almost palpable; adding to her twisted feelings is the fact that her ex Carter is dating again. Compounding matters is the fact that the head mistress and tutors seem to be continuing with the school routine as usual, attempting to mask the rising tensions and fears. While it is less overtly action-y than the previous novels, the development of the characters, advancement of the story and the politics fills that gap nicely.

I love a good conspiracy story! But this is so much more! We are given hints of a greater worldwide organisation involving Allie’s family and their associates but the story focuses on the school and Allie’s experiences in trying to keep her friends, herself and the school safe. I find it all rather brilliant and slightly addictive – I want to know more and the gradual unfolding of the story and the global reach of what the Night School is and does is keeping me hooked as a reader and Night School fan!

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