Smart Study: How to Study Less and Get More

Smart Study: How to Study Less and Get More is a unique study skills graphic novel that teaches students how to develop good study habits.

Graphics and speech bubbles tell the story of Jane Genovese’s own personal experience of grappling with studies through high school and university to achieve great results.

As well as explaining healthy eating and the importance of regular sleep, the graphic novel shows how to use mind-mapping – a particularly effective technique for teenagers – and offers advice on managing stress levels through exercise and deep breathing.

Young reviewer, 15-year-old Shenton College student, Felia Veth, said:
Your comic wasn’t just true and heart spoken, it was also really funny and I can relate to it so much. I mean you could have just written all the advice down in monotone writing and drawn lifeless stick figures but by turning your experiences and advice into a witty comic I can now remember every bit of time saving info and advice. Thanks!

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