Take Three Girls

Mean stuff spreads so fast. One click. Post. Send. Share. Online bullying = sometimes suicides, so all the private schools have strategies for dealing with it. At St Hilda’s, it’s Wellness classes. We greeted the idea with genuine enthusiasm. Why not? Everyone loves the chance to slack off.

Elevator pitch: If you enjoyed Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu then this book will be right up your bookshelf! Wait you have not read Moxie? Dang… ok wait a moment don’t leave this elevator yet Read Moxie and also Take Three Girls – it does not matter which one you read first as they are both brilliant! Take Three Girls is a wonderful portrayal of female friendship, strength and a fierce critique of anonymous, online shame culture

Three girls, one popular, one sporty and one smart, one day student and the other two are boarders (it is a private boarding school with day students), each student written by a different author, this works wonderfully! Each character is wonderfully realized and they each come to life on the page.

Take Three Girls is one of the first Australian YA books I have read in years, it may be your first one too so please do pick it up! Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell and Fiona Wood are superb writers! This book can be used to show that girls and young women all over the world face the same issues and struggles and that by working together they can begin to overcome the misogyny ingrained in many (lets be honest it is most, if not all) of our institutions!

You can get your hands on a copy today!

Take Three Girls is published in the US by Sterling Teen and is available from today!

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