Calico by H.H. German & Javier Orabich

Humans have superheroes.
Animals don’t.
That’s about to change.

Violence in comics is nothing new, for decades now a Bat-obsessed billionaire has been beating up mentally ill criminals in a shadowy, crime ridden city; since the 1970’s a grief-stricken Viet-Nam veteran has been gunning down members of the Mafia and other crime syndicates around the world; and for the past decade one of the best-selling comics has featured a dwindling band of survivors battling off the walking dead while trying to find safety and a place to put down roots.

Most, if not all vigilante-based comics are based on blood and vengeance, a crime is committed and people call out for justice and a shadowy figure that knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men answers the call to mete out bloody revenge on the perpetrators of crime. In this regard Calico is similar to other comics within the genre, but he is also different! Sure he is a spandex-wearing seeker of justice, but unlike other comics those he seeks to avenge and protect are not his fellow humans, rather they are those who cannot speak or call out for mercy or help for they are pets, laboratory specimens and the majestic beasts of the wild who live and die at the mercy of one of the cruelest species that has ever existed – mankind.

From the common cruelty of those that abuse pets for fun in the home or on the street, to the wealthy who flout the law by participating in the inhumane practice of canned hunting and the smuggling of rare and endangered species. From that moment on, they become the prey of The Calico, a man driven to extract vengeance for those creatures that cannot defend themselves.

Calico is published by a new publisher with a singular mission – Sigma Comics.

Sigma Comics was created to give a stronger voice to a group that cohabitates this planet with us, yet are routinely encroached upon, threatened, abused and killed. Through both print and digital mediums, Sigma Comics creates and distributes stories inspired by actual events, which often receive very little media coverage in the news.

The violence in Calico is graphic, but not gratuitous, the cruelty shown to animals is not fiction, if you search the news you will not have to look for long before you find reports of senseless cruelty to animals, from pets being poisoned by random strangers or stolen to participate in dog fights and then discarded; to rare and beautiful creatures being stuffed into cases and dying agonizing deaths while being smuggled across borders and more. this violence is widespread and hard to police and control.

Calico is the answer to the question: “What if animals had their own costumed protector to strike back at those who abuse, and kill innocent creatures for no good reason?”

The script by H.H. German is paired well with the art of Javier Orabich neither of whom pull any punches with this phenomenal piece of graphic storytelling!

Due to the violence and graphic nature of the story The Calico is rated M for Mature and is recommended for readers aged 18+ but honestly is sure to find a readership among all ages of comic fans, especially those who believe that all creatures need to be protected!

Issue one is available to order now:

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