Sensory Story-time Resource List

Several months ago I started researching how to offer multi-sensory story-times in my library. Mid-way through my preparations I changed library services and now this work is on hold for a few months while I find my feet again in a new position. In the interim I am making the resources I have been collating available, on the off-chance that they will assist others with an interest in extending their library services and story-times.

I will add more links as I go.

The magic of sensory story-times:

Sensory Story-time 101: where to start and how to make it amazing:

Story-time for the Spectrum (American Libraries Magazine):

Sensory Storytime: Roadmap, Tools & Ideas Summary & Bibliography | Laura Baldassari-Hackstaff & Laura Olson

Begin your sensory story-time today:

Programming for Children with Special Needs:

Sensory Story-time – a brief how-to guide:

SenseSational Storytime Manual:

Tips and tricks for a successful story-time:

Books to read during sensory story-time:

Books and props:

Advice and ideas for creating sensory story-times:

Transforming story-time:

Making Object Books:

How to Make Tactile Books:

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