Libraries. Who needs ’em?

Libraries are old and dusty

They really need to go

and then a few days later:

“Reading really needs to grow”

Teachers need to share the love

and give all kids a kindle!

Everything is now online

So libraries who needs ‘em?

No-one uses books no more

Let alone to read ‘em!

It is a shame that no-one reads

It’s a thing we must promote

Quickly put some books in gyms

and a shelf of books on ‘planes

But we don’t need no libraries

The government explains!

They are far too expensive

and also past their best!

So fire the Librarians

and put their jobs to rest!

Sell off library buildings

Or make the public run ‘em!

Cut the hours, cut the stock

Cut to the very bone

and if some people shout and moan

Well they should have some books at home!

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