Quirk Books Authors Out and About

Love books and pop culture? Have a hankering for something geeky to do next Bank Holiday weekend but no firm plans?

Fret ye not true believers because Quirk Books have an action-packed offering!

For you!

First up why not stop off at MCM ComicCon London? One minute hanging with Archie and the gang from Riverdale or having your photo taken with The (Incredible) Hulk; the next, camping out in Author Corner listening to awesome women in publishing talk about comics, amazing women in history, and twisted fairy-tales.


If that does not exhaust you then grab a date and head on over to the book heaven that is Waterstones Piccadilly on Monday, 29th May for an evening of book-related chat and wine, plus the chance to grab swag and win awesome prizes.


Please note that Quirk Books will not accept responsibility for overstimulated minds and having too much fun in one go but they will be secretly pleased by this!

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