Plagiarism Revisited

In 2014 I created a powerpoint for my students on plagiarism, using the example of Shia LeBoeuf and Daniel Clowes. You can see it here:

It has been on e of the most popular resources on my site.

Since then there have been a number of other examples featuring people in the public eye that have come to light.

The most recent being Melania Trump being accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama’s speech:

Beyonce has also faced several charges of plagiarism during her career:

Azealia Banks has also accused Zayn Malik of plagiarism as well as providing an example of how not to behave on social media, she has since also accused Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift of the same:

Using people in the public eye is a good way of engaging with students who may otherwise not show much interest in library lessons. I will just say as a word of caution that Azealia Banks has has used racially charged language – particularly against Zayn Malik so it may be worth making sure that any links used will not cause a backlash against the library due to language.

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