Back on the air!

Yes… after a month of website silence TeenLibrarian is back!

I tell you throwing a baby into the life of a couple can be disruptive*

chip off the old brick

*Oh yes, in case you do not know – my wife and have had a beautiful baby girl.

For reasons of privacy and whatnot sadly we will not be sharing any photos of our daughter online, apart from the Lego version above! However if you see me at an author, library or other related event please do let me know and I will quite happily show you photos (I have loads), heck I may even have a baby with me!

It may take a while to get TL up to speed again but reviews, news and other things will start appearing again, hopefully with some regularity. I ask you to bear with me in this time of fatherhood – which is the best thing ever! For me anyway, I have learned that there are many “best things ever” and parenting is just one of them.

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