Recommended by a Librarian: Morganville: The Series

The Recommending Librarian this week is: Matt Imrie

What are you recommending?

Morganville: The Series

What is it?

It is a web-series* based on the best-selling Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

*A web-series is a series of scripted videos, generally in episodic form, released on the Internet or also by mobile or cellular phone, and part of the newly emerging medium called web television. A single instance of a web series program is called an episode or webisode. (thank you Wikipedia)

Why have you recommended it?

I had to start with something and I have found this ten episode series short and punchy enough to get the attention of several vocal non-readers that I work with and it has hooked them enough to give the books a try. I also enjoy vampire stories and as a Star Trek fan I was stoked to see Robert Picardo, the Emergency Medical Hologram from Star Trek: Voyager play a role.

It goes without saying that if you enjoy this series you should also give the books a try: The Morganville Vampires novels

You can watch the first episode below, and see the entire series here

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