A Dark Inheritance by Chris D’Lacey

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When Michael saves a dog in a cliff top rescue, he comes to the attention of his schoolmates, the police and a strange organisation called UNICORNE.

What UNICORNE reveal is extraordinary.

They claim they can tell him what happened to his father, who disappeared three years ago, but what they want in return is dangerous.

Something supernatural that’s hidden in Michael’s very bones…

Michael is an excellent and likeable protagonist thrust into a strange, dark new world after his seemingly impossible rescue of Trace (the dog) becomes front-page news. His discovery of the differences he has compared to normal humans is mirrored in the changing relationships with his mother, sister and friends. The intrusion of UNICORNE into his life changes him and the demands they make of him seem confusing and only slowly begin to make sense as you progress through the story.

There are many mysteries contained within A Dark Inheritance and only a few of them are answered within its pages – as a number of great entertainers have said over the years: “Always leave them wanting more!” and A Dark Inheritance does not disappoint.

I love arc-driven series, it started with Babylon 5 back in the ‘90’s and that love then spun off into books, don’t get me wrong – I love stand-alone novels, duologies and trilogies but I what I really enjoy is finding a series that has action, adventure, scares and excitement and can unfurl its mysteries slowly and organically as the story demands. Obviously to get into such a series a gripping opening book is needed; fortunately A Dark Inheritance is such a book!
A Dark Inheritance is a brilliant and gripping supernatural mystery mixed up with a who (&how) dunnit and a secret agent vibe. I read it in in two massive gulps in one day.

It put me in mind of Necroscope by Brian Lumley but aimed firmly at YA readers.

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