Meet My World

Amantani and Andina present Meet My World 2014.

Amantani is an award-winning organisation that works to defend the rights of indigenous Quechua children living in the Andes of Peru. These children grow up on the margins of Peruvian society and they have seen how this can erode their self-respect.

Amantani want to change this. They want to show children that their culture is something they can be proud of. That is why they created Meet My World.

This year, they asked twelve children to write and present films that will teach you traditional skills from their communities.

The idea is simple: the more people that learn from the children’s films, the prouder they will be.

From catching fish (with your bare hands) and building a mud oven to making a traditional Andean corn drink, these films will give you a brief window into the lives of children on the other side of the world.

At under five minutes each these films will keep the attention of the most fidgety student by introducing them to how young people live across the world and teaching them a skill that children and teenagers learn from an early age. These films are perfect for well-being, PSHE & Citizenship lessons as well as Spanish listening practice.

You can watch the first film here:

How To: Catch Fish With Your Bare Hands | Written by Yuri

You can watch all the films on the Amantani Youtube Channel

Once you have watched the films you can help the children take pride in their indigenous Quechua heritage. Just say “THANK YOU”.

These simple words will show the children that people have watched their films and learnt from them. We have until the 22nd June to collect as many “THANK YOU” photos as possible. Each and every single one counts!

Please post your “THANK YOU” photo on Twitter (make sure to use the #meetmyworld to help us track your photo and share it with the children), or you can e-mail your photo to:

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