Marcus Alexander: Keeper of the Realms

Books and imagination has always been my thing. I was a nerd and a bookworm from a young age and I know this is going to sound outrageously dumb but the books that inspired me the most were ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and anything by Dr. Seuss. Sure, it sounds crazy and a little juvenile but I started reading aged 3 and it was these books in particular that lit that flame inside my chest and kindled my imagination. So I read like a beast and by the time I was an early teen I was devouring up to a book a day and getting all kinds of grumpy with the local bookstore when there was nothing new on the shelves.
Teen Librarian Get Your Read On
Books inspired me to travel the world and to seek adventures of my own and imagination gave me the ability to think outside the box and overcome obstacles that came my way. So when I write and when I create my realms of fantasy I do my best to spin imagination and create worlds that surpass everything that I have experienced in my own travels. And in turn, when I’m on tour and get to hang out with young writers or chat to students I always encourage the act of reading as a great source for building imagination but more than that I urge teens to get out and do more. Yes, imagination is born from books and built in libraries but it’s honed through experience. So after school don’t just jump on the xbox, don’t just switch on MTVBase, things like that are imagination killers. Instead go out and do something new. Go and learn capoeira, try parkour, go to dance class, fight class or learn calligraphy but the more you do and the more you live the faster your imagination will blossom.

Get your read on.

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