Ada Lovelace Day event idea: Celebrating Science-Fiction Written by Women

Ada Lovelace Day is a day set aside to celebrate the women that have worked and work in Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) based careers.

I think that we should also celebrate the great female writers of science-fiction. Many modern discoveries have had their roots in science-fiction and a number of scientists have been inspired by reading stories of the future when they were young to become scientists, engineers and creators of the future, turning science-fiction into science fact.

This is a partial list of women who have written and continue to write science-fiction. If you can know of other authors that should be on this list please leave leave their names in a comment below.

Aliette De Bodard: Scattered Among Strange Worlds
Anne Leckie: Ancillary Justice
Audrey Niffenegger: The Time Traveller’s Wife
Barbara Hambly: Crossroad
Cecelia Holland: Floating Worlds
Cherie Priest: Bone Shaker
C.J. Cherryh: Chanur’s Venture
Connie Willis: Passage
Elizabeth Bear: Dust
Elizabeth Hand: Errantry
Elizabeth Moon: Speed of Dark
Gail Simone: Womanthology: Heroic
Gwyneth Jones: North Wind
Jaine Fenn: Queen of Nowhere
James Tiptree Jr.: Ten Thousand Light Years from Home
Janet Edwards: Earth Girl
Jo Walton: Half A Crown
Joanna Russ: The Female Man
Justina Robson: Chasing the Dragon
Kameron Hurley: God’s War
Karen Lord: The Best of All Possible Worlds
Kate Wilhelm: Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang
Katherine Kerr: Palace
Kim E Curran: Shift
Laura Lam: Pantomime
Lauren Beukes: Moxyland
Lois McMaster Bujold: The Vorkosigan Saga
Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid’s Tale
Nicola Griffin: Ammonite
Octavia Butler: Lilith’s Brood
Pat Cadigan: Synners
Rachel Pollack: Unquenchable Fire
Sarah Lotz: AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers
Sheri S. Tepper: Grass
Stina Leicht
Tricia Sullivan: Maul
Ursula le Guin: The Dispossessed

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