The Week of Woo!

The Week of Woo a celebration of all things John Green by Hot Key Press.

In their own words:

What is this all about?

We love John Green’s books.
At the moment, his latest book The Fault in our Stars is only being imported from the US. We want all his books to be properly looked after by a British publisher who is committed to bringing him over to the UK to meet Nerdfighters on tour.

So, we have planned this Week of Woo to show him how much we care.

We’d love other UK Nerdfighters help…

Please tweet messages to @realjohngreen with #DFTBAintheUK and the link to this page

Got more time? Post a British-themed happy dance video on our YouTube, Twitter or Tumblr, or a vlog with you/ your friends/ large groups of people saying “DFTBAintheUK”.

STAY TUNED for daily updates, more giggles, punishments and perhaps a contest to come…

Who are we?

See our blog…

See our ‘Why Hot Key Books Doesn’t Suck’ manifesto

What’s a Nerdfighter? What’s DFTBA?

The best people to explain this are John and Hank Green!

DFTBA stands for what Her Majesty so sagely said: “Don’t Forget to be Awesome”.

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