The blaming begins today (maybe we can stop it here today too)

I must say that I did not expect it to start so soon. One lovely letter refererd to ‘teenage morons’, with views like that sometimes I begin to despair!

Meanwhile in other news today:

London riots: Teacher, 31, pleads guilty to looting as court cases start (link)

Wow – an adult teacher, not a teenager.

Just goes to show that all ages were involved. Children, teenagers, adults.

It is not important trying to figure out which age group had the most involvement, what we should do is try and work out how we can stop this from happening again. We are all capable of reaching out to people outside our comfort zones, start small – try saying hello, strike up a conversation. I think that libraries are perfectly placed to help begin the healing. They are one of the few places where everyone is welcome and libraries actually encourage loitering without making people passing through feel uncomfortable. It also makes talking to strangers less uncomfortable, books, DVDs and magazines are pretty innocuous topics to begin a conversation with.

Strike up a conversation in a library! At the very least you may find a new author to enjoy and you could also start seeing things from someone else’s perspective or maybe even make a new friend.

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