Author Interview with Julie Kagawa

Julie Kagawa, author of the phenomenal YA fantasy series The Iron Fey recently took some time out of her busy schedule to take part in a quick Q&A with Teen Librarian.

1. In The Iron King the fey are all from the Western European tradition of faeries – as the series progresses will you spread out into the mythologies of other cultures?

In the Iron Fey series, I stuck mostly to the traditional faeries of England, Scotland, and Ireland, because they are Fey. For example, the kitsune of Japan is not a faery but more of a spirit. However, I do love oriental mythology, and though it might not appear in The Iron Fey series, its certainly something I would love to write about in the future.

2. How much research did you do before you started The Iron Fey series?

I already had a good grasp of faery lore and legend, so it was more of a “research as you go” sort of thing. Most of my research was done online, though I did watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream before starting The Iron King, just for inspiration.

3. I loved the concept of faeries of Iron, will you be delving more into the backstory of the Iron Fey themselves from the time of Ferrum and the founding of the court of Iron?

Thank you. And the origins of the Iron Fey will be touched upon as the series progresses, most notably in the third book, The Iron Queen.

4. Will Floppy ever reappear?

He does pop up one more time in a dream sequence, but other then that, no.

5. Is the Iron Fey series open ended or do you have a definite end goal in mind for the series?

Oh, there is a definite ending for Meghan, Ash, Puck, Grim, and everyone in the Iron Fey world. I don’t like leaving things open-ended; I want to know, as I close the last page, that the story is over, and that it ended the only possible way it could.
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