Alien Ink

Trinity and Ryder arrive in Camden, London, curiously at the same time as UFO sightings on Primrose Hill. They open Alien Ink, a tattoo shop on Camden High Street, which quickly becomes a hangout for local teens, thanks to its unusually welcoming vibe.

Trinity and Ryder are fantastic tattoo artists and word quickly spreads about their beautiful designs. Eyebrows are raised – can two 19 year-olds really run a successful own business? How did they get started – where did they come from?

Meet Trinity, Ryder and their network of friends at Alien Ink and experience their lives and the Pressures they face.

Channel 4 Education are proud to introduce Alien Ink, the graphic novel that deals with real life teen issues.

Alien Ink is the first in a series of online graphic novels designed to tackle everyday teen issues, and provides a great resource of PSHE/ citizenship and media studies teachers keystage 3, 4 and higher. It is based around the lives of Trinity and Ryder, who curiously arrive in Camden at the same More…time as UFO sightings on Primrose Hill, and subsequently open a tattoo parlour that becomes a hang-out for local teens.

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  1. I got completely sucked into reading this (at four in the morning, no less)!

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