Fool's Gold Buzz: from Students

‘Fool’s Gold’ is an explosive graphic novel which features many of the students from the Dearne High. Its gripping story keeps you on the edge of your seat as the story unravels allowing you to discover the many characters and different stories all wrapped together within this magical experience!
The novel also features well known authors including Ian McMillan, G.P Taylor, Robert Swindells and teen writing sensation Bali Rai and many of the best authors from the Dearne High. This novel is more than unique, it’s like no other!
The Dearne visited and worked in the locations in the novel and this played a significant part in the outcomes of the overall story depicted in the book. We don’t think you will find another book written like this by another school any where…. If you know of any… please contact The Dearne High: A Specialist Humanities College!
We deeply recommend that you buy this book and give it a taster and see if it ‘tingles’ your reading senses, as much as it did ours!
Chloe and Clodie
I know it’s just an opinion, but ‘Fool’s Gold’ is a brilliant graphic novel and once I had purchased the book from school, I went and bought the first book the school wrote called ‘Out of the Shadows: An Anthology of Fantasy stories’ from Waterstones, in Meadowhall, Sheffield.
‘Fool’s Gold’ was one of the best books I have ever read, because it included lots of students, teachers and famous authors and when I read it, I wanted to improve at English. I want to go into the army and I now realise that you have to be good at literacy in order to join. I am going to be!

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