Thrills For The Future!

New home, same attitude – Cadet Dredd is coming to the Judge Dredd Megazine, and he’s bringing his friends!
Following the success of 2000 AD’s quarterly all-ages Regened special issues, the best of Rebellion’s all ages revolution will find a home in the Judge Dredd Megazine as they step up into the regular roster in our legendary comic books.
As part of Rebellion’s continuing mission to hook a whole new generation on Thrill-power, strips such as Cadet Dredd, Departmetnt K and Pandora Perfect will find a new home in the monthly title.
June’s edition of Judge Dredd Megazine is proud to welcome back some more familiar favourites to its monthly roster of Thrills. Get ready for the return of…
Pandora Perfect! Lock up your loot, because criminal mastermind and nefarious swindler Pandora and robot companion Gort are back and ready to cause more chaos across the galaxy! Writer Roger Langridge is joined by artist Gary Welsh for a high-octane space adventure with the most notorious robber in the universe!
Department K: Interdimensional Investigators! Mega-City One Justice Department’s most chaotic team must once-again battle threats to protect the dimensional safety of the world. Having already travelled a multiverse of monsters and warded off threats from beyond the fabric of reality, join Ned Hartley and Mike Walters as Department K come face-to-face with the craziest creatures in the cosmos!
And later this year get ready for the return of Cadet Dredd! Paul Starkey and Nick Brokenshire invite you to join young Joseph Dredd and his clone brother Rico as they attempt to learn the ropes of the Justice System, and earn their badges as Judges!
The move follows the successful transition of Alex de Campi and Eduardo Ocaña’s Full Tilt Boogie, as well as Pandora Perfect and Department K, into 2000 AD, paving the way for a richer mix of all ages stories as part of the Megazine’s blend of sci-fi action and adventure!
Plus, as they replace the classic reprints which have been published in Judge Dredd Megazine each month, it means readers get to enjoy more all-new Thrills each and every issue for the same galaxy-busting price.
With these awesome new Thrills coming soon to Judge Dredd Megazine, it’s never been a better time for Earthlets of all ages to try out The Galaxy’s Greatest and explore new universes through the wonderful world of comics!

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