Lowborn High

For as long as anyone can remember, Wychdusk Manor has been the school to which all the top magical novices are sent, where they are trained to become the world’s greatest wizards. Androgeus Frost, part of one of the wizarding worlds’ most esteemed families, always thought it was a sure thing he’d get in, but somehow finds himself dumped at Lowborn High.

Lowborn High is one of the best stories to come out of 2000AD Regened – special issues with stories suitable for all ages that are published a handful of times a year.

If you are not an aficionado of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and would like a frame of reference think crumbling, inner city Hogwarts.

Writer David Barnett has taken a handful of well-worn magical world and high school tropes, mixed them together and buffed them up considerably to craft a story that is engaging, entertaining and worth several rereads! An over-subscribed, struggling school school with a motley collection of students who are often at odds with the staff, throw in mysterious back stories and machinations from the hidden world of magic mixed in with a fish out of water experience and the healing power of friendship and you have only barely begun to scratch the surface. Anna Morzova and Mike Walters are the artists who bring David’s words to life. Their art styles complement each other and are perfect for this brand of storytelling.

If you have been searching for an ongoing story of magic, mystery and friendship with a diverse cast of characters and a more believable location that a hidden castle in the Highlands, with a lot less real world creator controversy then Lowborn High may be just the graphic novel for you! Plus once you have read it you can discover all the amazing work that has come out of 2000AD over the years!

I have read Lowborn High several times now – in the original progs and have read my review copy three times since receiving it. I have also put a request in for my library to purchase copies so that I can recommend it to some of my favourite patrons who may otherwise never know of its existence! Seriously library folk, this is a graphic novel that will do well in your collections! Trust me – I am a Librarian!

Find out more about the creators and their other works here:

David Barnett

Anna Morzova

Mike Walters

Lowborn High, by David Barnett, Anna Morzova & Mike Walters is aimed squarely at teen readers but is suitable for most ages. It is published by 2000AD and is available now! More details on where to find it can be found here.

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