New Year same Librarian!

2023 marks 16 years of TeenLibrarian (as blog, the newsletter is in its 17th year now).

I know that last year was fairly fallow with only one issue of the newsletter and sporadic updates on the site itself, with most of the heavy lifting done by my UK-based colleague and friend Caroline, with some news posts and reviews written by yours truly. This year I am planning on being more present here and put more newsletters out well.

One plus point for this year is that we are going back to in-person teen events and my teen group is kicking off again for the first time in over two years so I will be able to share whatever successful group sessions are run plus anything else that comes up this year.

As always I am always happy to run guest posts from library workers who are willing to share what they are working on or would like to trumpet and celebrate any successes they have had in their libraries – just let me know!

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