The Cat with a Really Big Head

I have spoken about the love I have for Roman Dirge’s work before; it is a weird, slightly disturbing love that would have a restraining order out against it if it were not so lazy and just waited for comics by Mr Dirge to be delivered.

The latest item to be delivered was Roman Dirge’s The Cat with a Really Big Head. It is a collection of textual works with illustrations by the man himself and it is totally disgusting* (and sickeningly cute)! It reminded me of something my cat threw up, if fact there is an illustration of something the cat did throw up!

Please note that I am not saying that I disliked this work – no not at all! It is wonderful and disturbing, the stories contained within are fairly simple and incredibly entertaining but it is the artwork that makes this volume sing.

There are three stories contained within – the first one being the titular cat, and anyone who has owned a cat will recognize the illustrations as being horribly accurate (although not everyone will have owned a cat with a huge head).
The second story, A Big Question, told in verse is my favourite tale it is a fairly short intermission between the two main stories and concerns Little Alisa McGee who was as cute as could be… needless to say it does not end well but it does put the ‘awwww’ in autopsy.

The second chapter is The Monsters In My Tummy which is sort of like the Star Trek Mirror Universe version of Pixar’s Inside Out except it was written years before it came out.

This story is for anyone who has been in love and had their heart pulled out and ripped to shreds by the one they loved.

The stories Cat with a Really Big Head is recommended for anyone who loves their stories dark and disturbing but with a really good rhythm.

It goes without saying that it may not be suitable for the very young, sensitive or those that take a dim view of gratuitous dark humour…


*In the best possible way

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