HATTER M: Zen of Wonder by Frank Beddor on Kickstarter

The mind-blowing next book in the critically-acclaimed graphic novel companion to the Looking Glass Wars, HATTER M.


This is a call to Arms!

The forces of Dark Imagination are gathering. They threaten our future. But there is a way to stop them. Followers of the Glow and fans of the Hatter M graphic novel series must band together. Your continued support and interest in Hatter’s search has truly empowered me as writer.

I want to return the favor and empower you as a fan, allowing you more control over the material you get from me. And how and when you get it. That’s why I’ve decided to place you in greater charge of the next part of this saga. And the people at Kickstarter have given me just the tool to do that.

This book does not exist without you. It has been awhile since Volume 3 was released, and the time has come for me to ask for help. I wish to collaborate with you. Become co-publishers. Help us print Volume 4, Hatter M: Zen of Wonder. The dark forces will be halted in their tracks. The damage they’ve done rolled back. Together we can do this.

Hatter M Kickstarter Campaign

One Thought on “HATTER M: Zen of Wonder by Frank Beddor on Kickstarter

  1. I LOVE these books! I can’t wait to get zen!

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