Twilight: Supernatural Sweet Valley High?

That is how the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer was described to me by a friend (who shall remain nameless lest his life be threatened by hordes of fangirls).  I have not read the series yet as the waiting list is over a month long in my local library, my name is down to receive the books when my turn comes round and I shall form an opinion once I have read them.  They are proving to be incredibly popular and as a colleague said in passing:  “Anything that gets teens to read has to be good for libraries!”

There is even a facebook site dedicated to girls who have decided not to wait for Prince Charming and instead are waiting for their Edward Cullen to arrive,  it has just under 50 000 members at present.  I have read that in America a number of bookstores and libraries have held Twilight midnight proms (to celebrate the release dates of the books).  Going by the level of popularity the movie version has been experiencing and by extension the book series, it should be possible to hold similar events in UK Libraries (pending health & safety checks of course).

5 Thoughts on “Twilight: Supernatural Sweet Valley High?

  1. Twilight is still very popular in my area— the southern part of the United States. We have over 100 on the waiting list for Twilight itself. One thing that is neat about the series is that many teachers — and librarians –are reading and enjoying them as well as the teens.It’s neat that the teens and their teachers can actually enjoy the same book. :):) It seems as if that might humanize the teachers a bit for the students. 🙂

  2. Twilight is huge both in the US and the UK. Today in the (UK) shops I overheard a group of teenage girls discussing the books in great detail.

  3. Are your teens enjoying the movie? Have any of you seen it? What does everybody think? I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to.

  4. teenlib on January 17, 2009 at 8:23 pm said:

    Most of the teens that have watched the film have fallen in love with Edward and some have taken to calling themselves Bella.

    I will be watching the film next week.

  5. I got annoyed with Twilight, I know it was quickly picked up by the press and because of this it does indeed have a huge following but I do think it was undeserving. I honestly think teen girls should have stronger role models to follow, ones that can think and act for theirselves without relying on typical male saviours.
    (Er…..that wasn’t supposed to come out quite as feminist as it sounded…but its still a valid point lol!)
    Looking forward to other books that hopefully will break this typical fantasy formula!

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