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Gandalf’s Exam Tips 2

The second poster in the Gandalf’s Exam Tips series

Gandalf’s Exam Tips

Not an original idea, I have seen several versions over the past few years and thought I would make my own version. If anyone else would like to use it in the run up to the exams feel free to download an A3 pdf by clicking on the image below.

Poster: Don’t Fear the Reader

This A3 poster may be more useful during Halloween or for a librarian who is a fan of Blue Öyster Cult.

Downloadable by clicking on the image below

Give up Ignorance for Lent: Poster

Twitter helps me creatively fairly regularly. Coming up with (half) witty statements in a limited character set really helps to focus the mind! On Tuesday I posted this:

This morning I started building a display around it and created a poster.

You can download a pdf of the poster by clicking on the image below

Choose Books – a Trainspottingesque poster

I created a book/library version of the iconic Trainspotting Choose Life rant. The original incorporated all the sweary goodness but was not appropriate for school or public library displays so I have created an A3 pdf version with no swear words that you can download by clicking on the image below

How to…


I have created an A3 poster that I have titled “How To…” it can be downloaded by clicking on the image above.

Shakespeare Posters

Posters available to download, click on the images below.

Breaking Bad - Breaking Bard

Breaking Bard

Bard Simpson
Bard Simpson

shakespeare pencil

2B or not 2B

bard boys

Bard Boys

The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand: Poster

I have created an A3 poster commemorating the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand for the first of my Great War displays.

The image below has a generic School Times header rather than the name of my school.

You can download the publisher file by clicking on the image if you wish to adapt it for your own displays.

franz ferdinand front page1

If you wish to change the header title and add your school name I used Anglican Text to create the image.

The text is from the Manchester Guardian, June 29 1914

What Can I Say to Myself?

I came across a link to a brilliant motivational poster for the library & classroom on twitter today:

I created an A3 downloadable .pdf poster based on the original, click on the image to download a copy:


Narnia Border Protection Agency

Due to a reshuffle of school property the Library is now hosting a rather large cupboard that I have started using as I believe in squatters rights. The only downside is that it is in the library proper and not behind my desk, I did not want to put a boring no entry sign on the doors so I went with a literary alternative involving the Narnia Border Protection Agency that students have been finding very amusing.

You can view the sign below.