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The Amanda Project

Since Amanda Valentino started at Endeavor High on that fateful Halloween, she changed everything. Brilliant or diabolical, visionary or bizarre, she turned ordinary life into a work of art, with herself as her best creation.

Then March 15th, Amanda vanished. No one’s seen her since…although we do keep getting these weird clues that make us think she’s definitely out there, maybe even closer than we think.

Amanda moved around a lot, so when she first showed up at Endeavor she asked us each separately to be her own special guide to the new school. Once she was gone, we found out there was a trio of us!
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So if we weren’t unique, then we figured there were probably lots of people who knew Amanda, and we all want the same thing—to find out why Amanda disappeared, and where she’s gone, and why. And that’s why we made this website.

Ember Fury by Cathy Brett

If there is one thing Ember knows, it’s that the smallest spark of anger can ignite a whole heap of trouble

Ember is not in a happy place, after being expelled from her latest school and a stay in an institution she is packed off to stay with her (absent) rock star father and overly concerned actress stepmother. Her best friend and seemingly the only voice of sanity she listens to is imaginary (or is he) and being emo in California is not fun, until she gets her hands on a pack of matches.

A wonderful book about tragedy, family, loss, reconciliation and friendship! It is as much a work of art as it is an awesome story.

Ember Fury is the debut novel by Cathy Brett, visit her site here.

Manga in Libraries

Blatant self-promotion time now, earlier this year an article I wrote on Manga was published in the Public Library Journal, the article is now available to view online here

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