Carnegie Shortlist

On the right I have added the list of Carnegie Award books for 2007.

First post….

So I have decided to start a blog for the website just to keep track of what I am doing with the system for worldwide Teen Librarian domination.

Big news is that the newsletter (Teen Librarian Monthly) is a year old this month. I had hoped to redesign the title header but that will have to wait.

How well do you know your edgy teen fiction? – Answers

1 Burke and Hare.
2 Worked in a Private Investigator’s office.
3 Ethiopia.
4 Robert Cormier.
5 Ty.
6 Cockroach.
7 A letter to my captor.
8 Robinson Crusoe.
9 Whoopi Goldberg.
10 The main characters in his novel ‘Doing it’ – Ben, Jonathan and Dino.
11. They have all been banned or challenged in American libraries.
12 Hayling Island.
13 Huntingdon’s Disease
14. Tossing a coin to make decisions.
15. Belfast
16 Patrick
17 Her sister
18. Leicester
19 Mr B
20 A snowflake tattoo