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Diary of a (soon to be) Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medal Judge

It is official

I received my call-up e-mail today!

I will be attending CKG Judge training on the 16th October at Seven Stories in Newcastle.

After which I will be able to call myself a CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Judge

I have been reading towards the Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medals since September last year. My reading has ramped up a bit over the past couple of months as there are so many good books that I missed (and that are still being published).

I have no idea which titles will be nominated, I know that some of the books I have read so far will be on the nominations list

I fear that the nominations list will be longer than last year which is one of the main reasons for starting to read early. I have heard that the nominations date is being brought forward to give judges enough time to read all the nominations and give due consideration to each; but by how much I do not know.