#DadLife: 1st Day of Leave

Today marks the first day of my week off from work. The first thing my little gingersnap and I did before breakfast was watch an episode of Peppa Pig (traditions are so important).

After breakfast we walked down to our local library for a play and craft morning. This was the first time I have been able to attend a library toddler event as a parent instead of as a Librarian. I had hoped that there would be other dads in attendance but this morning I was surrounded by mums. I soon got over feeling self-consciousness as my beautiful girl is an old hand at these events, she did the rounds saying hello to the mums and her fellow toddlers.

I followed her around making sure that she shared the toys instead of grabbing and running away as she is sometimes prone to do. We then sat at the craft table to make a paper fruit plate.

By this time I had relaxed and sat down with my little one as she played with giant duplo-style blocks and fell in love with a tiny baby doll while I chatted to some of the mums about local craft activities for children at libraries and children’s centres. We all agreed that chatting to other parents is the best method of finding local activities for children, although asking at the library reference desk or checking the hoop app is also good.

On our walk home I was greeted by one of the mums who had been at the craft morning and we had a short chat about toys (she had seen some dolls like the one my girl had become besotted with at the local charity shop). For the first time it felt like I was part of the local parenting community

This enabled me to cross ‘library craft activity’ off my bucket list, now I just have story times and the summer reading challenge to look forward to!

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