The Reading Olympics

I have been racking my brains lately for a reading event for the new school year and then it hit me, the Reading Olympics!

It will be a mix of reading stories based on Olympic sports, endurance reading and reading books of different genres for the triathlon and decathlon

I only have a skeleton of an idea at the moment so will be using this post to flesh it out as I go along. If anyone has an idea they would like to suggest – either books for olympic events or how to organise it please feel free to put it in the comments below. Everyone who puts an idea forward will be credited!



Reading 100 metres:
this will consist of Barrington Stoke titles as well as A&CB Wired Up books and books from the Franklin Watts Edge collection

Reading 1500:
The reader will have to complete a trilogy in a set amount of time

The reader will have to read a section of a newspaper every day for a week

The reader will have to read three books, each one has to be a different genre, e.g. Romance, Horror, Science Fiction
the reader may change one book but any more changes will cause the reader to lose points

The reader will have to read 10 books, each one has to be form a different genre – a mix of fiction and non-fiction

Zombie XI by Pete Kalu
Death Match by Andy Croft
The Foul Play series by Tom Palmer
Girls FC by Helena Pielichaty
Keeper Mal Peet

Longbow girl by Linda Davies
Robin Hood

Equestrian Events:
Heartland series by Lauren Brooke
Horses of Half Moon ranch by Jenny Oldfield
The Glory Lauren St John

2 Thoughts on “The Reading Olympics

  1. Tracy Hager on August 8, 2016 at 8:21 pm said:

    Hunger Games has archery, and then some. Great ideas Matt!

  2. runninglibrarian on August 17, 2016 at 4:02 pm said:

    What about including pool or boating events? Fat Boy Swim, Swim the Fly and anything about the Titanic could be options. Or cycling events, although the titles of any cycling fiction elude me at present.

    And is there an option to include books set in Olympic countries – perhaps read five books from five countries, one for each of the rings?

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