Malorie Blackman and The Black Tentacle

This is not the title of a new penny dreadful featuring our Children’s Laureate versus a fearsome octopoid from the depths; rather it is news that this year The Kitschies Black Tentacle, the judges’ discretionary award for special achievements, was this year, awarded to Dame Malorie Blackman OBE.


The Kitschies, presented by The Kraken Rum, reward the year’s most progressive, intelligent and entertaining works that contain elements of the speculative or fantastic.

The prize is now entering its fifth year.

The Kitschies Tentacle Awards are some of the most amazing looking awards available for writers.

The Tentacle Awards are:

The Red Tentacle is awarded annually to the novel containing speculative or fantastic elements that best fulfills the criteria of intelligent, progressive and entertaining.

The winner receives a £1,000 prize, a hand-crafted tentacular trophy and a bottle of the Kraken’s finest black rum.

The Golden Tentacle is awarded annually to the debut novel that best fits the criteria of progressive, intelligent and entertaining. The book must be the author’s first published work of novel-length fiction in any genre.

The winner receives a £500 prize, a hand-crafted trophy and a bottle of The Kraken’s black spiced rum.

The Inky Tentacle is named in honour of The Kraken itself and is awarded to the year’s finest cover art, as selected by a panel of visual arts experts.

The winning artist or designer will receive a £500 prize, a hand-crafted Tentacle trophy and an appropriately inky bottle of The Kraken’s finest dark rum.

The Black Tentacle is a special achievement award. It is handed out at the discretion of The Kitschies’ board, which is comprised of editors, authors, marketers and social entrepreneurs.

The prize is awarded for a work or body of work that does not otherwise fit The Kitschies’ criteria. The winner receives a hand-crafted tentacle and a bottle of The Kraken’s black spiced rum.

For full details about the Kitchies and for a ful run down about the prizewinners please follow this link:

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