Lockwood & Co. Hallowe'en Adventure Story

Lockwood & Co. is a small ghost-detection agency in London. Its only employees are three children: Anthony Lockwood (dashing and brave), Lucy Carlyle (clever and resourceful) and George Cubbins (cautious and hard-working). They have a lot of work to do because there’s an epidemic of ghosts across the country. Hundreds of spirits and spectres appear each night during the hours of darkness. And they’re dangerous – the touch of a ghost can kill!

Starting on Saturday 26 October Jonathan Stroud is going to write a new Lockwood & Co adventure, which is going to be posted up on The Guardian website. There will be a new instalment every day for six days, with the last part coming out on Thursday 31 October – Halloween.

Each day, at the end of each section, there will be a VOTE on what happens next. The most popular choice will be chosen to carry on the story. So the entire shape of this story will depend on the readers. They (and you) can decide how Lockwood and his friends carry out the investigation. You can decide how they tackle the ghosts they’ll meet, and what clues they should follow.


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