Welcome to Weirdsville… Happyland by I.M. Strange


On Toby’s eleventh birthday, he and his friends get a mysterious invitation to Happyland, the abandoned funfair in town. It’s too good an opportunity to miss, even though the place gives them the creeps.
What they find there is more terrifying than any of them could have imagined. Getting in was the easy part. Surviving long enough to escape will be much harder.
Once upon a time Happyland was filled with laughter. Now it’s filled with fear.

Weirville – a rather nice-looking seaside town, if you avoid the abandoned funfair on the pier, ignore the clouds that always hang ominously overhead, overlook the stories of children that have gone missing mysteriously over the years and the fact that the local residents call it Weirdsville…
Welcome to Weirdsville… a new series written by I.M. Strange and published by Little, Brown Young Readers (younger sibling to Atom).
Even for me as an adult Happyland had some rather creepy moments, it is the sort of book I would have loved as a younger reader – who does not like being creeped out reading a spooky book, alone late at night?
I think it is down largely to Happy the Clown – I have always had a thing about clowns – and not in a good way, it all goes back to me watching IT when I was 15 which as every connoisseur of horror knows starred Tim Curry as Pennywise… oh great I may not sleep tonight!

Anyway I digress – Happyland is a creepy adventure and horror story about facing your fears and trying to escape alive and unscathed…

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