The Ten Rules of Skimming by Zella Compton & Jess Swainson

Ever had the shivery feeling that someone is walking over your grave?

It’s someone skimming your soul.

Adam finds that skimming brings an amazing rush but joy riding across minds comes with risks.

When he meets Jenny-Ray, he learns about the Board, with their list of approved ‘hosts’ to visit.

The consequences of disobedience are terrifying.

The story opens in a dank sub-basement of a hospital where we meet Adam who is being interviewed by a shadowy figure about his illicit activities as a skimmer.

The story is a mix of prose and graphic storytelling which enhances the tale and has the advantage of showing rather than telling what happens during skimming. The story is as much about Adam and his family life and realtionships as it is about the science-fiction aspects of the story but they mesh together well creating a deeper, more enjoyable story. Adam has a relatively unhappy home life and is not the most popular of young people at his school, his faults actually make him more interesting as flawed heroes are often more interesting than squeaky clean characters.

Adam, with his gifts has a range of enemies arrayed against him; and when his sister goes missing, he finds that his only ally is a girl who is studying to join The Board – a group of people that control skimming with an iron fist, but they are not the worst of his problems!

The Ten Rules of Skimming is an exciting, action-packed adventure that mixes science fiction, horror, mystery and intrigue that introduces readers to a world where mind jumping is real if not common- it reads like Inception for YA readers!

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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