Raspberry Pi

I first mentioned the Raspberry Pi back in November

I was fortunate to be one of the early bookers and received my Pi in the week before half-term. As advertised it is about the size of a credit card and unless you have a love of all things techy it is not much to look at.

To prevent damage I bought a case from the Shropshire Linux Users Group and turned what looked like a piece of leftover circuit board into a sexy piece of kit! Ok maybe not sexy but pretty damn awesome!

The Raspberry Pi will not replace desktop computing, and that is not its function. I have started speaking to the IT department in my school and have made overtures to the Design & technology department as they have a laser cutter and I have the beginnings of an idea that may end up in the students crafting their own Pi cases as well as running a programming group at school.

I am hoping to launch it at a talk about open source computing that I have been asked to give to the IT classes here next year.

I have high hopes for the Raspberry Pi, and do not think that I will be disappointed.

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