Remember Remember the Fifth of November…

After the celebration of All Hallows comes the remembrance of a freedom fighter cut down by a brutal and repressive regime or was it a crazy man with gunpowder trying to destroy the symbols or righteous government?

Whatever it was it will live on in fond memory or infamy…

Burning freedom fighters traitors in effigy and fireworks – what is there not to love about Guy Fawkes Night? The less said about rampant antiCatholicism the better eh what?

The Fifth of November is the perfect time to run a book discussion about Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, the film was not bad it is just the book is far superior – feel free to disagree that is what book discussions are about.

In the current climate of fear created by the closing and threatened closing of libraries this is the perfect time to introduce a new generation of protesters to their civic duties and rights of protest

If you wanted you could even have an activity – cut out and create your own Guy Fawkes mask: downloadable guy fawkes mask. You can also pick them up for £6 at Forbidden Planet where your average Anonymous protester shops.

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