In the Bag by Jim Carrington

Jim Carrington’s In The Bag tells the story of best mates devil-may-care Ash and worrier Joe who find £20,000 in used notes dumped in a holdall in their local woods. Rather than hand it in to the police Ash and Joe keep the money, and as it becomes clear to them that the cash is part of something much larger and more dangerous than either of them could have imagined, their lack of sense and maturity leads them into serious danger.

In The Bag is Jim Carrington’s second novel for young adults. Like his first book Inside My Head, the characters are teenagers living in run-down market-town communities with nothing to do and no cash in their pockets to do it with anyway. Ash and Joe are both frustrated with their lack of freedom and independence with the highlight their week being getting smashed on cheap cider on the local rec ground.

In the Bag is a gritty, real story and the choices that Ash and Joe make although extreme, are sadly all too possible, as they feel they cannot trust any of the adults around them and must take matters into their own hands. ‘In the Bag’ is a gripping, challenging read and perhaps an all too real exploration of life in the UK for young people today.

One Thought on “In the Bag by Jim Carrington

  1. I love the idea ofthis story and think it would be really good for some of my teens to read but I dont think it would be one I would read. I read to escape not face reality lol

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