Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Another Christmas Eve review written in rhyme. This time Andrea Cremer’s new YA novel Nightshade gets the treatment…
‘Twas the night before Christmas, in old London Town
The snow lay outside, turning slushy and brown.
I wanted to go out, but it was too cold
So I picked up a book, of which I’d been told!

A novel called Nightshade, by Andrea Cremer
I’d heard it was good, man it was a screamer!
A tale about Calla, who could turn furry,
A Guardian – not werewolf (though the difference was blurry).

She saved a young lad named Shay, from attack
A choice that could mean death by her pack
The rules they were harsh, and completely unfair
but desire took root in her heart then and there.

The Guardians protect from the Searchers, the Keepers
I looked to the sky and shouted Goodness Jeepers!
This book it is good and once you begin
in a battle between this and your bed – book will win!

This book it is great, but over too soon
and when you crawl into bed and look at the moon.
Do not feel sad as you turn out your light
Because there will be more, so you can have a good night!

There is only one thing to say after reading this book and that is ZOMG! this book is fantastic!

A strong female lead, mysteries, wrapped in enigmas, teasing revelations throughout the book (but not enough to make everything clear), raging teenage werewolf hormones, the perils of interspecies romance.

It is a massive cliché to say this but: I did not want this book to end, sadly it did and it left me wanting more! Damn it, the second book is not out yet, they say that delayed gratification is good, but I want it now!

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