Science Test

I have a spare copy of the excellent We Need to talk about Kelvin that I am offering as a prize. To be entered into the draw for this amazing book you will have to answer these fabulously simple questions set by Marcus himself.

If all the empty space were squeezed out of matter, the human race could fit in:
a) Wembley Stadium?
b) The area of the Isle of Wight?
c) The volume of a sugar cube?

Einstein famously said:
a) God does not play roulette with the Universe
b) God does not play dice with the Universe
c) God does not play poker with the Universe

The faster you travel:
a) The taller you get
b) The slimmer you get
c) The lighter you get

The best place to look for evidence of the big bang in which the Universe was born is:
a) On your TV
b) In your washing machine
c) At the Greenwich Meridian

Most of the Universe gives is currently invisible to our telescopes – but how much?
a) 1%
b) 50%
c) 98%

The scientists who won the Nobel prize for detecting the faint “afterglow” of the big bang thought they had found:
a) the glow of pigeon droppings
b) the glow of street lights
c) the glow of glow worms

Einstein’s mathematics professor called him a:
a) lazy possum
b) lazy dingo
c) lazy dog

Today’s sunlight was made:
a) 30,000 years ago
b) 300 minutes ago
c) 3 seconds ago

Aged 16, Einstein came up with the idea of relativity after wondering what it might be like to travel on a:
a) sound wave
b) light wave
c) steam train

The first time anyone eve saw an atom was in:
a) 1980
b) 1880
c) 55 BC

Answers via e-mail to editor (at) teenlibrarian dot co dot uk – the draw will be in 2010 so there is plenty of time to swot up on your science skills!

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